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90.00 65.00
Collection Name:MODERN LIFE
Pattern ID:ML9041
Roll Dimension:10.05 mtrs x 0.53 mtrs = 57 Sqft


5,500.00 3,500.00
...“With furniture that’s lightweight or can Folded out of the way, clearing enough space is done quick and easy.”

SPC Flooring

190.00 160.00
Worm and Cozy underfoot with no harmful emissions. Feel safe with your loved ones around our floors. Give your family the warmth and comfort of our cushioned floors, ideal for children and the elderly. Anti bacterial, Hygenic and Impact resistant makes our floors the right choice for your family.

Thermo Treated Pine

550.00 450.00

Thermowood pine is free from resin and any other chemicals. Due to the durability of Thermo pine wood, it is decay resistant and is suitable for every weather condition. As Thermo wood pine cladding is processed using heat rather than chemical is better for the environment and is also durable and strong.

Thermal wood cladding is clean and ecological and inflates stability. Thermowood façade reduces shrinkage, distortion, and swelling and increases the appeal and beauty of the wood.

Variable product example

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