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Ipe decking

650.00 525.00 INR

Epay wood offers extensive benefits unmatched by any other composite or natural option. Buy epay wood from us today!

 IPE Wood Sizes available :

          Length :           3′ – 7′

         Width   :          70mm 75mm, 90mm, 140mm, 145mm,


Thickness :  20mm, 25mm

         Colour      :       Natural

         Brand       :      Brazilian Epay

NO 1 Engineered wood flooring

475.00 298.00 INR
Best Per Sq ft cost inquire for a call back /quote for your req Engineered wood is most certainly real hardwood but it’s constructed differently in many layers (ranging from 3-12) instead of one solid piece.The multiple layers on the product are usually cross plied meaning the grain or direction of the wood is crisscrossed down the layers. This gives the wood excellent stability meaning it does not move around anywhere near as much as solid wood. learn more on wooden floor types

Terrazzo Slabs

600.00 INR
Per sqft cost, Avlbl in slabs One of the most sought-after materials for interior decoration, Terrazo has always captivated and amazed with its ability to transform the aesthetic impurities of its surface into qualities. ID Arcs large Terrazo-look composite stoneware slabs combine the highest technical performance with the unique beauty of nature, uniting Italian design with care for the environment. A product that embellishes spaces that are functional, while boasting a striking aesthetic impact. The elegance and purity of marble find a new dimension and expression at Id Arc .