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Architects Wallpaper POLYGONAL Motif

225.00 165.00 INR
Architects wallpaper Per sqft cost on Matt viles Medium Wallpaper completely reinterpreted: The exuberant abundance of murals in the "walls by patel" collection offers an innovative, completely different approach to the design of spaces.‎

Chic A genuine talent towards the art Wallpaper for walls

125.00 99.00 INR
Wallpaper for walls One roll coverage  approx 57 sqft area Putting up wallpaper—whether it's covering a whole room or just used to create an accent wall—can totally transform your home If you're on the hunt for  wallpaper thats unique and different (even if that just means a new take on an old classic!), you're in luck. A transitional room  given a fresh facelift with the addition of unique wallpaper


145.00 95.00 INR

Create Your Own Custom Buddha wall Mural

Customize your wallpaper to represent you, with a custom wallpaper made to fit your walls. You can simply choose a design and order online from Ideas Arcade Wallpaper and we will deliver it to your doorstep anywhere in India

Heritage Wall Murals by Krsnaa Mehta

500.00 299.00 INR
Murals by Krsnaa Mehta 10x5 Canvas print with paper backing (Custom Size Possible ) Convert your conventional walls to work of art Obscuring the line amongst outline and craftsmanship, Indian Fusion by Krsna Mehta offers rich tapestry to wall decors. wall murals by Krishna Mehta, one of the fastest growing designer brands in India with an international character and appeal custom sizes possible

Magical Bird Mural Wall Coverings

135.00 99.00 INR
Wall Coverings One roll approx 57 sqft area These wall murals featuring a diverse species of exotic, tropical and migratory birds helps your wall decor scale new heights.  The murals help open up spaces and are great for creating the illusion of a larger space

Tendy Vintage Print wallpaper ideas

70.00 58.00 INR
Imported Designer Wallpaper
.Make your walls  worth looking at with our range of exclusive urban wall coverings .a trendy floral vintage print ideal for residential, commercial and hospitality  projects  

Urban Life wall coverings

4,250.00 3,500.00 INR
wall coverings
Collection Name:MODERN LIFE
Pattern ID:ML9041
Roll Dimension:10.05 mtrs x 0.53 mtrs = 57 Sqft


65.00 39.00 INR
Approx per sqft cost INR 39 sqft Create Better walls for better living. Premium Textured Wallpaper, Modern Design. Full Roll (0.53 * 10 Metres, 57 Square Feet)

vibrant wall

125.00 92.00 INR

vibrant wall paper

225.00 175.00 INR

wall paper

Indicative per SQ Ft pricing  as the product is bespoke enquire for your requirements Maintenance free, beautiful, naturally textured, washable, abstract, artistic, patterned and printed wallpapers imported from different parts of the country to the market. We have a wide range of designs and an endless collection for each range. We know how important the wall colors and designs are when it comes to decorating your home and the ever changing trends of wall paper designs clearly reflects how demanded wallpapers are in today’s market?  making plain walls outstanding and super eye-catching but with various unique wall coverings from different materials that will definitely change your space and make it stunning.

wallpaper for the home

110.00 69.00 INR
wallpaper for the home The custom wallpaper will not only reflect your interest for a homely,cosy space. You would also benefit from the appealing  look that is currently on trend. from classical to contemporary. Discover the wallpaper collection