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A Seat With Mid-Century Modern Flair .

5,500.00 4,500.00 INR
contemporary furniture range  Acapulco chairs are lightweight, comfortable, and unusual in shape.Do your interiors veer toward a clean, modern sensibility, or do you cultivate more of a bohemian aesthetic? The Acapulco chair works well in both styles—inside and outdoors,

corner wood pergola 7-ft 4-in W x 10-ft 10-in L

285,000.00 250,000.00 INR
Corner Wood pergola  Open concept design: A welcoming feature yet private and intimate making and ideal outdoor solution , Your outdoor living space got you in a corner? We have just the corner pergola plans to fit your needs

Creating mood and ambiance with Outdoor water features

14,000.00 10,000.00 INR
Outdoor water features Tentative R.F.T Price for 36 "height as its a custom solution Water Elements are known to naturally bring a relaxing ambiance to any outdoor space. Enjoying the soothing sounds of running water while enjoying a good book . Who isn’t interested in reducing the stress that seems to naturally come with modern life? One solution few readily associate with improved quality of life and less stress is an outdoor water feature. However, that’s starting to change. Cascading Fountains  reflecting (or cocktail) pools,  can be instrumental in unplugging from a hectic, busy lifestyle and experiencing more tranquil moments outdoors. Studies have even shown that spending time near water can stabilize blood pressure and reduce heart rate.

Deck Tiles Acacia Wood Outdoor decking – Interlocking Patio Tiles

485.00 350.00 INR
Avlbl in Pack of 9PCS  9 SQFT  Coverage per pack Made of plantation grown acacia hardwood having inherent oils similar to teak, giving it many, many years of weather resisting properties even if not oiled. Factory oiled in a Golden Teak finish with our own eco-friendly and food safe ZERO % VOC Hardwax oil.Tiles feature snap-lock connectors for easy do-it-yourself installation without the use of tools or hardware. Install the interlocking garden/patio tiles in your area by lining them up and then stepping on the seams until you hear an audible "click" to lock them in. Deck Tiles - Decking -

Engineered wood wall Profiles

750.00 650.00 INR
wood wall Profiles Indicative per sqft pricing  as the product is custom installtion  enquire for your requirements Tripro  is a slatted cladding system for vertical walls and false ceilings, designed for installation both inside and out, to give perfectly symmetrical surfaces.‎ .‎ It consists of three parallel elements and can create spaces without interruption to aesthetic and chromatic continuity, enhanced by all the beauty, warmth and advantages of composite wood. ‎Tripro: a unique combination of innovation, quality, durability and aesthetics.‎ A special plastic coating, extruded together with the product mix, coats and protects the planks, making them hardwearing, immune to colour variation over time, antiscratch and anti-stain.‎ Furthermore, the slatted system helps to eliminate reverberation, improving the acoustics of the space.‎ Resistant to all types of external aggression - natural, environmental or chemical - Tripro is guaranteed for up to 25 years after laying, with no maintenance required.‎

Gold Indoor Metal Planters

5,500.00 4,200.00 INR
Indoor Metal Planters Planters set 10x24 inch 8x20 inch. Set of 2 pcs antique gold planters are made of iron with electroplated pots and powder coated stands.
Please make sure that they are cleaned only using a dry cloth. They shouldn’t come in contact with water on an everyday basis since they might get spoiled even though they are chemically treated to last long.
A normal pot fits in these metal pots, some people style them with the artificial bunch of flowers or artificial plants as well. You can put real indoor plants in them as well, the plant in the picture is Peace Lilly. The material is Iron. It doesn’t rust easily or go black because of powder coating. However, be careful with water around it. Please make sure that they are cleaned only using a dry cloth. They shouldn’t come in contact with water on an everyday basis since they might get spoiled even though they are chemically treated to last long. Once you receive this set, make sure that the pots are placed on the stands as shown in the picture, and you can place any plants in them as you would like, they look beautiful.

Indoor Vertical Gardens / Green Walls

0.00 INR
Indoor Vertical Gardens custom Solution esquire for pricing ID Arc Vertical Garden is an elegant exclusive design element.‎ Its “organic” appeal and esthetic impact bring a unique atmosphere to corporate headquarters, offices, shops, restaurants and private homes.‎

Ipe decking

650.00 525.00 INR

Epay wood offers extensive benefits unmatched by any other composite or natural option. Buy epay wood from us today!

 IPE Wood Sizes available :

          Length :           3′ – 7′

         Width   :          70mm 75mm, 90mm, 140mm, 145mm,


Thickness :  20mm, 25mm

         Colour      :       Natural

         Brand       :      Brazilian Epay

ipe wood deck tile

500.00 450.00 INR
ipe wood deck  ID Arc manufactures pre-assembled wood tiles for outdoor decking.‎Ideal for gardens, terraces and outdoor walkways, particularly in areas where the decking may have to be removed, Id Arc offers a range of pre-assembled deck tiles in,  FSC Heat-Treated Ash,Ipè ,Accacia , Composites .‎Certain woods are supplied with a plastic substructure to facilitate laying.‎Particularly recommended for decks not too large and on stable terrains.Our deck tiles unite aesthetics, comfort and practicality.‎   300x300

Luxury Terrace Gardens and landscapes

0.00 INR
Gardens and landscapes Enquire for details Leveraging on our huge industry understanding and knowledge, we are providing Green Low Maintenance Terrace Garden Designing Services that is broadly used for several sectors. These provided services are delivered by well-trained professionals as per set industry guidelines. Artificial turfs and landscape elements enhance the appeal of the balconies and garden terraces. The green carpet gives off a natural look.