Design Tips for Your Balcony Makeovers


As modern-day apartments replace big houses, the balcony is the only space that connects you with the outdoors. It is in the balcony where you can peek at the open sky while getting some fresh air after a long day. However, in many houses, all the focus goes in decorating the interiors while balconies lie unnoticed. This is because many people consider it as an additional expense that is not worth it.

The truth is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate the balcony space. All it needs is a little creativity and an initiative.

Today, we bring to you some easy balcony makeover tips that can transform your balcony into a chic space 

Assessing the space first

Similar to designing any other space in your home, first analyse the balcony and assess what is possible in the space available. Is it large enough to put a small coffee table and a couple of chairs? Does it get sunlight? Is it possible to convert it into a balconygarden? Is the balcony too small to have any of the above things?

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Choosing  a Colour palette and Design Theme 

Before designing a balcony, it is essential that you select a colour palette. Considering that most balcony designs include plants keeping different shades of greens and a base colour of brown is a good idea. .If your home is decorated in a modern or minimalist style, then you should carry through th same style to your balcony by choosing straight lined planters and furniture. If your home has a classic style, then carved or round planters will look more in sync with the rest of the decor.

Designing an apartment balcony design doesnt have to be synonymous in the same way as comprehensibly putting out a table and a few chairs. in back a little planning and forethought, this tune can become your extra favorite area to spend time. #balconyoasisideas

Upgrade the flooring 

you  may need to change the flooring, wooden or WPC deck tiles are an excellent option. They won’t cost too much, if your balcony isn’t large. The advantage is that you can install them over the existing large balconies a combination of good quality Artifical Turf and Decking is a wonderful option If you plan to have balcony garden plants, ensure that the area has proper drainage, as the last thing you need is for stagnant water to damage your wooden deck flooring.

Optimize the Walls 

In some balconies, the wall space can be extremely limited, so you should design the area to optimize it. If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate balcony walls, the options include creating a vertical green wall or painting a mural or natural bricks . You can add  wall art  to the wall to accentuate  to the space , storage spaces can be incorporated by adding hardwood box benches with concealed storage space , as may people use Balconies to store household /garden tools .For green walls  Very Good Quality artificial vertical Garden panels are available,ensure that the Green wall  panels are UV certified for outdoor use 

Attach planters  to balcony railings and walls 

If you crave for a balcony garden but lack space, you can attach planters to balcony railings. and walls , Planters will help you have the green element while giving the look and feel of a vertical garden. And the best part is that planters are very affordable and look beautiful too.

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Add natural elements

Using natural materials for furnishing and decorating the balcony space can make the place look lively and add a natural feel to it. Wooden planters, Wicker chair, clay plant pots, distressed tea trunk table, twisted plants, and stone chips are examples of items that can be used to add the natural design element in the balcony  .

Use the angles

If your balcony space is not uniform but has awkward angles, you can use it to your advantage. One good way of using weird angles is to hang up a hammock or also a bench with storage   It will look great and give you an excellent space for relaxing as well. Alternatively, you can place a Modern Design  comfy chair in the corner and create your own cozy nook

A perfect balcony makeover can be a challenging task, especially in a small space. Working with a professional  Landscape Consultant or designer will ensure that you optimize the space to create a relaxing oasis to which you can retreat every day.

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